Paris? Yes, after last night, like most of you, I am angry. There’s a rage that rises within me that’s frightening. My mind flashes back to last year, when Parisians had my eyes misting with pride, as they marched in defiance of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, their mayor saying “That’s why Paris in mourning today told the whole world that freedom of the press and freedom of expression are sacred… Sacred as the lives of those who fought for it for centuries…” And my thoughts keep going back…to a gift from the French people in 1881, our Statue Of Liberty…and even further back to Yorktown, in 1781, where Frenchmen spilt their blood on our soil for our freedom. So yes, I am filled with rage as I write this. Yet, I fight that rage, because it is a mirror, a refection of those who committed those atrocities yesterday, and because, it’s what they want. Experts in hate, they want hate, everywhere, in every place on this earth. I refuse to give them what they want. I refuse.

Stream of Consciousness Quote:

“What you spend years years building, someone could destroy overnight. Build anyway.”-Mother Teresa

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