G. Egore Pitir grew up near the shores of Lake Michigan, reading too much, writing too little, and ignoring arithmetic altogether. Naturally, he obtained an engineering degree, flew as a fighter pilot, and then got an airline job. Having successfully faced the math demon in college, he decided to conquer the last item on the list and wrote FACE OF OUR FATHER, a novel exploring how today’s clash of cultures reaches into our lives, our marriages, even our beds.

While, at first glance, the author may appear to have a lot in common with the main character Stu, he assures you they are not one and the same. If he had the energy, the author would rewrite the story and make Stu someone truly noble, like his high school English teacher. Never has a teacher put forth such effort and received so little in return. Stu is taller, stronger, smarter, more compassionate, more honorable, and could last a round or two in a cage fight. The author regularly loses to a seven-year-old girl. In his defense, he argues that she doesn’t fight fair.