Is the moon full?

Not quite. Still waxing.

The calendar predicts another week of celestial twisting, turning, and spinning before the universe once again reveals to us our glorious moon’s full face. I know that my Author Welcome declares that I’ll post every full moon, but I also pledged to try to break one of the blogging expert’s rules every time I posted. An impromptu blog fulfills that pledge quite nicely, I think.

And I wanted to thank all those who responded to my question, “To sequel, or not to sequel?” The feedback is overwhelmingly in favor of sequels. Early and often, you said. And some of you were honest enough to add the caveat, ‘as long as my subsequent novels meet or exceed the quality of FACE OF OUR FATHER.’ I’ll do my very best.

So you’ve given me my marching orders. And I’ve begun the march. I will carry out my mission. The character arcs are set. The plot outlined. Many scenes are already drafted. And…drum roll please…the sequel’s opening line is written. That’s no small task for an author.

Barring my demise, I promise that FACE OF OUR MOTHER will publish no later then the end of 2016.

Stream of Consciousness Quote:

“Publishing is, by its nature, about deadlines, and deadlines are toxic.”–Jan Karon


To sequel or not to sequel?

With apologies to Shakespeare, that is the question.

During a recent evening walk, I ran into a neighbor who was eager to tell me how much his mother loved Face Of Our Father. She had one big complaint—that she had to wait for the sequel. While his mother’s comment is a joking compliment, it also raises a not so funny author concern.

I have promised to publish the sequel, Face Of Our Mother, in 2016. In order to accomplish this feat by the end of next year, I had planned on not finishing the entire story, thereby generating yet another sequel.

Yes, I am a writer, but first and foremost, I’m an avid reader. A real tramp that enjoys reading authors ranging from Cervantes to Hemingway to Collins, and every genre, from every time in between. And I well know the feeling of waiting for the next book in the series. I’m currently hoping that George R.R. Martin will knock off wherever he’s at in book six and let me feed my addiction. Literally, the man could charge me fifty dollars for his next paperback, and I’d gladly pay, just so I can find out what happens to the long ago, innocent little Arya. So my concern for the “sequel issue” prompts me to ask my blog readers for a favor.

Namely, I’d like your thoughts. Although all of my blogs are always open to comment, so far, you are disinclined to offer them. I know you stop by to read. Perhaps you’re unaware, but us bloggers can see those stats. You’re sometimes called lurkers. Which is fine. I lurk too. Most everywhere I visit a blog, I’m content to simply read. But I need your help. Please offer your thoughts on the following question.

Should I sequel early and often, or should I write and write and write until I’ve finished the entire story?

The first choice means a novel every eighteen months to two years. The second probably means four years from right now.

I am not trying to shirk my promise to deliver Face Of Our Mother by next year. I’m simply a reader who understands waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Can you hear me, George Martin? And I don’t want you as impatient with Pitir as I am with Martin.

Stream of Consciousness Quote:

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”—Ernest Hemingway